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 New Map Packs. Seriously.....

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PostSubject: New Map Packs. Seriously.....   Thu Apr 28, 2011 9:34 pm

It's been confirmed by G4 and IGN new Black Ops map packs are coming out.It's called the escalation map packs Also called Call Of The Dead. There is going to be a map (from what it looks like) is staged on a cargo ship(VERY similar to wet work).Theres going to be a mega zombie to.I haven't been on in awhile so im not sure if this has come up already.this map pack looks exquisite. so stoked for these zombie map.

On another note I was watching G4(If you don't have that channel get it) and there was a commercial for E3 and they said that a new High-def wii is coming out.If you asked me,this is going to be it!

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Posts : 284
Join date : 2010-08-11

PostSubject: Re: New Map Packs. Seriously.....   Tue May 03, 2011 10:31 am

No ones stoked for these maps?
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PostSubject: Re: New Map Packs. Seriously.....   Tue May 03, 2011 3:47 pm

I'm kinda not stoke on any game atm, but I won't rule ou getting the ma pack. As for new wii system.......that might spark the gaming blood to start flowing again.

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PostSubject: Re: New Map Packs. Seriously.....   Tue May 03, 2011 5:21 pm

NO way killa, YOU? NO GAMES? WTF! We still haven't even played against eachother in BO and you're not stoke on any game?! How dare you, sir! And to think I loved you for so long. Whatever happened to NBA jam lol? I played it one time at a friend's house and I was seriously thinking of getting it to kick yo face into the ground!

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PostSubject: Re: New Map Packs. Seriously.....   

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New Map Packs. Seriously.....
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